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Privacy Policy

Bitci Teknoloji A.Ş. (“Bitci”); in accordance with   the Law No. 6698  and other relevant regulations thereof  (“relevant Legislation ”) is aware  of the significance of your  easy and practical access to  the information regarding which personal data are processed by our  corporation,  the manner how  and the reason why they are processed, with whom these data are shared with, as well as access into the rules and regulations regarding your rights on your personal data. This Confidentiality Policy hereby refers our policy regarding the processing of your personal data which are supplied to our company.

Bitci hereby introduces to our esteemed customers ; over crypto assets exchange market, and primarily  Bitcicoin,  the fan tokens which are developed through BitciChain  and other crypto asset purchase and sale, transfer,  conversion of cryptoassets into cash;  and digital wallet service for the preservation of crypto assets;  over, simultaneous follow up of crypto asset market by our users ; over, using crypto assets for payment purpose to the extent permitted by the relevant legislation on crypto assets  and other product and services (“services”) thereof   and other contents(“ contents”) which are supplied over relevant mobile applications, including the foregoing services,  other web sites or platforms (“platform(s)”)

By accepting the Open Consent Declaration and to visit platforms, to download contents from platforms and/ or to use them and to use other on- line services reveals that you have accepted this Confidentiality Policy.  If you do not accept this Confidentiality Policy, please do not visit our platforms or do not use our on-line services .

The expression; “processed” or “ to process” specified in this Policy; means all kinds of actions made on your personal data such as; to obtain your personal data either  through automatically- partially or completely, or non- automatically, provided to be a  part of a data recording system, to record, store, maintain, preserve, change, re- regulate, explain , transfer, take over, to make them obtainable,  to classify or to obstruct its use.

This Confidentiality Policy; as we have no controlling effect over them, is not valid in other web sites which you reach through web connections,  in platforms, in applications  and other media  and programs.  Besides, this Confidentiality Policy may be changed through platforms from time to time.  We suggest you to check this document periodically to get aware of the changes. Platforms shall always publish the recent version of this Confidentiality Policy.

  1. Collection of Data

By accepting Open Consent Declaration in order to  use any service or content through platforms, you hereby give your open consent in accordance with this Policy and relevant legislation for the processing of your personal data which are shared with  Bitci; while using  (i) the information shared with us while using platforms  and (ii)  the services included  in platforms, collects the information , which are obtained automatically according to the purposes specified in this Policy, to the extent permitted by the law .

  1. Information belonging to you which we can collect and the purpose of collection

For protecting your confidentiality right, we process your personal data in accordance with the relevant legislation. Bitci; as given below in detailed manner, uses your personal data in order to  render you quality and  productive service , to develop our services,  to maximize the customer satisfaction.

Within the scope of liabilities imposed by legal and regulatory authorities,  we can process your  personal data  and share them  which included in the Information Category  collected below in order to comply with the liabilities which are brought for third parties such as court, administrative or judicial authorities in connection with investigations or  prosecutions made in the country or abroad, or for those which are imposed by legal and regulatory authorities. To the extent permitted by relevant authorities and unless affecting the avoidance of a  commitment  or determination of an offense, we will do our best to direct such requests to you  or to make you informed prior to  replying them.

Besides,we may use your personal data to adapt our products and services  so as to be capable of meeting your  needs and to create internal statistics for marketing, consumer profiles  or demographic surveys. We hereby aim to understand our users better  and to render better service to them .